Dates: may 12 – june 18 – 2017

Place: Can Trinxet, L’Hospitalet

Organization: Districte cultural & Loop Festival

The exhibition Silver Songs. The music of Andy Warhol tries to demonstrate that music was one of the emotional, iconographic and conceptual substrates on which the artistic production of the father of Pop Art  was built . We speak of an invisible element, but essential to understand the creative process and some of the most significant themes of his work. Warhol showed throughout his career omnivorous musical culture, which have capacity in both his fondness for opera, dance or musical in Hollywood as avant-garde music and pop songs in any style. Maria Callas, Elvis Presley, John Cage in The Velvet Underground and Count Basie, Michael Jackson, through Nico icons like Mick Jagger, John Lennon Debbie Harry or one of his latest muse. The starting point of this exhibition is an aspect of the artistic production of Andy Warhol considered marginal until recently: his contribution to musical history of graphic design. The artist made between 1949 and 1987 more than 60 album covers of all genres. Analyzing these designs reveals that many of these covers anticipate formal anmd iconographic solutions that later joined his pictorial and cinematophy production, which gives these works a special value for researchers and posed transversal readings to his work.

The exhibition is divided into several sections arranged chronologically and thematically, through which you can trace a genealogy of relationships between art and popular music during the second half of the twentieth century. In each chapter, album covers are displayed along with works on different media: drawings, screen printings, books, magazines, posters, films, video installations, screen tests, music videos and various objects and documents made by Andy Warhol and artists inside his circle, like Ronald Nameth, Nat Finkelstein, Fred W. McDarrah, Christopher Makos, Hervé Gloaguen, Richard Bernstein and Dan Munroe, which allows us to understand the world in which both musical graphic design and plastic visual production from the artist had a feedback during nearly four decades.

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Side activities: The Factory Alive!