Dates: february 24 – march 5, 2017

Place: Plaça Europa, Mobile World Congress, l’Hospitalet, Barcelona

Organization: Oficina districte cultural

Bridges is an industrial design creation conceived by Mermelada Studio in the Plaza Europa of l’Hospitalet, in the context of the Mobile World Congress. It is a metaphor about human communication from the structural element of the chair. The composition interweaves three modular elements composed of an arch that is transformed into two seats facing each other.

The crossbars that join the chairs are graphical representations of a language, an imaginary code that is transferred between the respective seats. The interlaced chairs on their backs thus turn the piece into a bridge of interpersonal communication: alone or accompanied, in parallel or facing each other, facing each other or turning their backs…

Users can connect with each other, or stay isolated in their chairs, without being able, however, to leave the network of communication -or incommunication- that dominates and governs our lives.