Dates: september 29-october 1, 2016
Place: Districte Cultural de L’Hospitalet
Organization: BCN Gallery Weekend & oficina districte cultural

The Cultural District participates in the second edition of Weekend BCNGallery with its own program folded exhibitions, conferences, visits to museums, galleries, art workshops and spaces for new cultural district. During the four days of the event were presented new exhibitions the Art Center Tecla Sala, the Arranz-Bravo Foundation, TPK, building Freixas and presented new artistic spaces cultural district that the group of artists from Hangar Matteo Guidi, Giuliana Racoco, Samuel and Diego Paonessa Labadie. Also, the cultural district participated in the program of Gallery Weekend compositions, in which the artist Regina Giménez was presented a pictorial intervention inside the factory Can Trinxet. Also, the curator Joana Hurtado presented an exhibition in the building Isaac Peral format works of art collected by galleries.