CREA, la festa del Districte Cultural

Fecha: 29 Setembre de 2017, de 16:00h a 0:00h Lugar: Centre Cultural Tecla Sala de L’Hospitalet Mesas redondas, masterclass, market, djsets, foodtrucks ... CREA: La fiesta del Distrito Cultural de L'Hospitalet es una jornada abierta con charlas, mesas...

El BCN Gallery Weekend llega a L’Hospitalet

El Districte Cultural participa en la tercera edición del BCN Gallery Weekend con una programació propia plagada de exposiciones, presentaciones, performances, conciertos, talleres y visitas guiadas a museos, galerias, talleres i espacios de arte del Districte...

BCN Gallery Weekend in L’Hospitalet

Fechas: 28 setembre-1 octubre 2017 Lugar: Districte Cultural de L’Hospitalet Organiza: BCN Gallery Weekend i Districte Cultural

Andy Warhol al servei de les estrelles del rock

(ARA, 13-5-2017) Can Trinxet replicates The Factory to host the exhibition "Silver songs" "Andy Warhol" was all that was read on an album cover illustrated with a banana on white. Well, you could also read "Peel slowly and see" with an arrow inviting banana peel and...

Andy Warhol, en concert

(El Periódico, 13-5-17) ‘Silver songs’ explores the relationship between music and pop artist and recreates the process of creating his Factory. The focus of the show, at Can Trinxet will remain until June 18, and 60 of the album covers he designed can be seen....

The Project

“The Cultural District will be a place for creators, creative groups and the culture industry; a space for creators to interact with each other – creators and economy ­– and to foster relations between creators and producers of culture and the townspeople.”

Josep Ramoneda

Philosopher and ideologist of the Cultural District project